Sharpening Station...complete


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Thanks. :)  It's nice kind of by accident.  I used white oak because it's gonna get wet.  I used cool joinery because it's fun and there has to be joinery anyway.  And there's curves because everything has to have curves.  But honestly it's a pretty basic little table and didn't take long to build to this point.  The important part was using heavy components so things stay put when I'm stroking (LOL).


I have plans for the top...I'll be building a removable tray that will go into that inset which will catch the drippings.  Four stone holders will stretch across the tray from front to back...they'll be held in place with dowels and will be removable.  That's pretty much all that's left aside from an easy finish of some kind.  Shouldn't take me more than six or eight months to finish it.

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That's better we can see it all now. I have to say it is awesome I really like the curves you've built into it Eric. Great attention to detail.

Just don't let it get wet.


Much better than my lump of cut off countertop bolted to the wall that I have as a sharpening station.

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On 9/11/2014 at 8:46 PM, wtnhighlander said:

Kiki / Eric, do you have a formula or other shop trick for determining how much material to leave at the end of the tusk tenon? Those look pretty thin, but the look is really sexy!


No formula, I just left what I felt was sufficient.  There's about 9/16" of material at the top and 7/16" at the bottom.  It's hard to get an idea of something's strength in a picture, but you'll just have to take my word for would take a sledgehammer to break this joint.  It's quite robust.

Also, remember that the tenon itself is providing most of the strength.  The tusk is just there for reinforcement (and decoration, really...not even necessary).  Even without the tusk I'm sure it would hold together just fine.  Everything is's not knock-down.

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