Grizzly 1495 Lathe - St. Louis


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Before I post this machine to Craigslist, I'd thought I'd offer it here before for less $.  I'd rather it go to a friend than a stranger.  I've upsized with a new lathe so I don't need this Grizzly 1495 anymore.  If you want detailed specs:


I wanted a vibration free machine so I replaced the bearings, headstock variable speed pulley and the drive belt.  I have also built a 4 drawer/1 door cabinet with 1-1/4" bowling alley lane hard maple top under the ways with 2 concrete blocks hidden for a weight ballast.  It will now run with a nickel on edge...


I had the motor wired to run 220v but I changed it back to 110v since everyone has that available.


Included accessories:

1 - 4 prong drive center

1 - Live center

2 - Banjo's (tool rest supports)

2 - 12" tool rests

2 - 4" tool rests

1 - Homemade 8" tool rest

1 - Homemade curved tool rest

1 - Homemade curved tool rest extension

1 - Inside/Outside curved tool rest

1 - Knock out bar

1 - Outboard sandpaper faceplate

2 - 6" faceplates

1 - Outboard flap sander

1 - Outboard drum sander

1 - Outboard tool rest extension

1 - Outboard threaded insert for homemade faceplate

1 - Inboard threaded insert with 3" sandpaper faceplate

1 - 1"x12 tpi Tap for making homemade faceplates

1 - Manual


I'm asking $650 for everything.  If you don't want the cabinet base, I have the original legs and I'll only request $550 instead (and I'll install them).  You will have to pick it up from St. Louis.  If you get the cabinet base too, it is not movable without unbolting it from the lathe which we can do after you test run the machine.  I have dollies that we can move it out the walk-out basement to the front to your truck or preferred trailer.


Thanks, Tim








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