Looking for an accurate 24" - 36" T-Square

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Steve posted this in a


This is a page full of high quality squares and rulers for some great prices. They are mostly slight blemish seconds that are still accurate. I have gotten (2) 24" blades, (2) 12" combination squares ,a 6" combo square and a 6" double square from them.
They even sell parts,eventually the nut and hook screw does wear out.
I compared the quality and accuracy to my Starrett blades under high magnification and could find no difference. For woodworking they are more accurate than what you need.


No T-Squares and only up to 24"...but prices are amazing and Steve's recommendations are generally worthwhile. =p

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I have a 24" blade for my Starrett 12" combo square head.   If it's wider than that, I can add butt a longer straight edge against the blade, measure 3-4-5 geometry, or check both corners for square and compare diagonals.


Remember...   If a 30" wide board is square for 24", and the cut edge is straight, it's square the rest of the way.   Even if you're off by 1/32" over 30", you're probably square enough...

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