Jet Dust Collector Doesn't Suck

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I recently had the same issue with my JDS it wasn't getting the CFM it had been. First thing I'd do is unplug it, remove the 6" to 4" splitter at the collector and make sure there is no big shavings clogging the path to the fins. If there are no obstructions take off the housing to the fins and make sure there is nothing in there restricting air movement, wipe the fins off for good measure, check that it's not loose and is still being driven by the motor (DO NOT PLUG IT IN) Check that the 6" hose that goes to the bagging drum that connects to the bags is clear of any obstructions ( I had cut some green ambrosia maple and there were balls of green fiber strings in everything). Finally make sure that there are no holes in the filter bag/pleated filter on the top and that there are no holes in the bottom collection bag. 


Dust collectors are exceptionally simple machines. Lastly if it's still not working properly, there could be something wrong with the start/run capacitors causing the fins to not get up to speed.

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I had a similar issue with my single stage unit. I simply turned it off, unplugged it, and cleaned it out by hand. Some long skinny shavings got hung up in a y fitting at the impeller intake, and caused a clog as other shaving tried to enter. Hopefully your solution is as simple.

I have since increased the diameter of hose I use to 5", and with the y fitting removed at the air intake, I have never had a clog again.

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I found the problem. At some point I sucked up a empty water bottle. They are clear and the lighting in my shop sucks, so I could have done it. Or the little plastic bastard is a kamikaze trying to trash my DC. It was stuck in the Y right before the DC. 



I used my DC to suck up some dust on and around my drum sander and sucked the security lock out of the power switch, sucked it up into the impeller into tiny little bits. Needless to say I had to wait a week to get a new key, so I figured I may as well buy 3 just in case.

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