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Quietly contemplates how to take a picture of his 6 clamps that can look as good as those....

==>you need an intervention Well, now that you mention it… The wife did call one in…   To her chagrin, Norm “You can never have too many clamps” Abram was manning the hotline that afternoon… He

Nothing fancy but does the trick  

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Feel kind of stupid posting this twice in one week, but oh well.  Since this pic was taken I've added a set of four 82 inchers.  And no, the other two 12 inchers are not missing...they were in use at the time.  Must have sets of four or multiples of four.  Or I would have a mental breakdown.




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Wow! That's a lot of old school Besseys!


Back in 2005 and 2006, Amazon had some crazy deals on Bessey's that would sometimes only last for minutes. Lee Valley and Hartville Tool also had some great deals on the kits with blocks. In a year's span I ended up with 52 of the original K-Body clamps at an average of $14.40 each! Now let's just say I'm hoping these last a lifetime because paying today's prices to replace them would be painful!

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It is a good sander, and I would definitely recommend it. Dust collection on it is satisfactory. It is the only stationary sander in my shop, and it meets my needs.

I got it recently after seeing it in so many shop photos here and recommended specifically by so many on here. I've only had limited experience so far but I too would recommend.

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Going from memory (and that's not a good source) they are out of California. Years and years ago, before they had them on every street corner, dad would order from them and that's where they were shipped from. We still have a drill press here at my shop that is probably 35 years old. Doesn't get daily use but has still been a good one. If they just made clamps with orange handles, I could show mine on here :D

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On a side note...

How do you like your rigid sander? I am in the market for an oscillating sander and a buddy recommended that one since it does more than that.

I got one and love it . It also just won a fww shootout. Pic of my rack tonight looks like the rest though. My wife commented recently that my clamps appeared to be breeding somehow

Edited in the picture finally. The lighting is jacked. Some of the clamp styles are stacked there are a few more than would appear at a glance


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