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Thanks guys. I am slowly moving some of my dad's tools home. They are extensive including table saw jointer an inca jointer/planer drill press metal lathe benches ......... I hope one day to have a barn to move it in. For now just grabbing a few tools.

I find the curved sole plane interesting. I found it in the book, used to smooth chairs bowls..

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It's a compass plane, used for curved work-it's the next tool on my list to get. You have some beautiful tools and the sentimental value I'm sure is great. I have my wife's grandfathers tools as well as a few of my grandfathers-quite an honor. Even though most of them are used every time I'm in the shop I still think of them almost every time I grab one from the cabinet. My kids also enjoy using them which is really cool that their hands are holding the same place as their great grandfathers. I have some planes that are older and just imagine all that has changed since theses were first bought, horses and outhouses where common then!! Sorry I ran on, cherish them!

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Terry, it is a #6 and is 18 inches long.

Tom,,I don't know if there is a fence for the rabbet plane, the back is solid though.

As far as the compass? Plane, I am not sure my father ever used it. There is a price tag of 55$ on it still. He passed about 11 years ago.

He had some wooden planes as well some bought some made, one belonging to my grandfather. My older brother is keeping those. Next time I am home, I will get pictures of the barn shop etc.

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There's something magic about using tools that have been in the family. I still have a few of my grandpa's planes and saws in rotation. Several I also rehabbed and donated to an aspiring woodworker. Grandpa's hopefully helping him now as much as me. (I assume he's haunting the tools) 


One day someone will dust off my 3D printer in an old barn somewhere and take it, in their flying car, back to their own house to restore and use. There will be a wistful look in their eye as it spits out a lime green eiffel tower. 

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