Delta T 2 fence

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Has anyone here put the Delta T2 on there Grizzly 1023?

Having prob. with rear rail being too high. 3/16 too high and miter bar won't slide through. The bolt hole is too high to elongate in order to lower it that way. Anyone come across this problem and how did you/would you solve it.

Is there a way to add pics on here?

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Flip the L bracket. Adjust the holes as needed. Grind the other side of the L for your slots if needed?

If not that, then just drill the cast and L in a better placement. You cap tap it or bolt through the cast top. Either way is typically simple enough. I did this on my top to mount a Vega and the rail was stainless and round. Your square pieces should be easier.

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Thought about just grinding out the space just enought to allow the miter bar to pass through.

Your thoughts on that idea?

Otherwise I guess I'll just flip the angle iron over and driill new holes in it and table top!

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You could do that but, you'll weaken the rail at that point.  The positive to it is that it's the back rail.  The negative is that it may be unsightly to look at.


When I did mine, I just created a new hole in the rail and saw slightly over from the bad hole.  Once the outfeed table is butted up, you can't see the correction at all.

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