Mirka Abranet on Festool 125 EQ

Ian Gagnon

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Hello everyone!

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. Work has been crazy!

I have a Festool 125 EQ on the way to replace an aging 5" sander in my shop and was wondering if anyone has tried the Mirka Abranet abrasives on a Festool. Obviously you want to use the Mirka interface pad pad so the hook on the Festool pad doesn't get trashed.


Thanks! And Happy Holidays!


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I was an early adopter of Abranet and Abralon. I’ve replaced all my FT 125 and 150 disks with Abranet/Abralon…


I use FT’s abrasives in RTS, DTS, ½ sheet, 90 and 93. I use Abranet/Abralon in 125 and 150. I continue to use FT's Vlies in 125 and 150.


There are pros/cons in switching to Abranet. FT has application-specific abrasives that do work better for the designated application – ex. Rubin on bare wood and Granat for inter-coat sanding of film finishes…


Abranet is a one-size-fits-all – it’s good at most things, but not as good as the purpose-made offerings… Abranet's big thing is it's long-lasting...


I was happy with FT's abrasives for years. But I was getting tired of inventorying three or four papers in all grits for 125 and 150… At some point, I said F*it and decided that good was good-enough and I didn’t want to shoot for perfect… Abranet was a simplification move...


Does Abranet last 10x over FT (as advertised)? That's the $64 question ---- Answer: no… Mirka had backed-of the 10x, and I believe thay are pushing 5x life... Does it last 5x? --- yes and no... I did a fairly lengthy post on this subject some months ago – you can google for it… Is it worth the price over FT’s abrasives? Same thing, yes and no… Don’t want to rehash that thread…


At some point, I also eBayed my FT ETS sanders and went CEROS… For a while, I was using Abranet on the ETS units – it worked fine, but there was a drop-off in DC performance – which can be a good thing – too much vac on the ETS and you get chatter…


If you stick with Abranet, I suspect you’ll switch to CEROS – its DC pattern is optimized for Abranet…


I’m not sure what the Mirka interface pad is going to do for you – it’s a different pattern. I also suspect you were referring to the protector pad…

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