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I have just got back in town from work and see the guild is on to bigger and better things. I have decided to build the blanket chest and have a question on the bottom. Decided to do the alternate method but am not clear on the method of attaching the plywood to the deck. I'm pretty new at woodworking, is it just glued or is there another means to attach it. Would appreciate any advise I can get,I realize this is kinda behind for everyone.

Thank you and merry Christmas

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The alternate version is just a mitered frame around a panel. So you have lots of choices. You can simply use biscuits, dominos, or pocket screws to help reinforce the frame's connection to the panel. Or you can make a rabbet in the frame and the panel and simply drop the panel in place with glue. You could use glue and butt joints but I'd really rather see some sort of joinery there for additional strength.

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