What glue do you use


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I'm also on the Titebond wagon but have an instance coming up this Summer where I'll be using hot hide glue because it's correct for the application.  If it wasn't specific to that I wouldn't bother.  I'm not branded when it comes to epoxy - which ever five minute is handy.  I anticipate some larger uses in which case I'll be looking into West Systems.

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What I use:

HHG - fast-stick items - ex. no-clamp miters, open-grained woods, antique repairs, hand-hammered veneers, etc
LHG - exposed joinery, plugs, splines, open-grained wood, moderatly-complex glue-ups, etc

HGs - anywhere squeeze-out would be inevitable and visible
WS 105/205 – general use, exotics/oily woods, outdoor furniture, marine, filling gaps, structural applications, hardware bonding, crappy joinery, etc
WS 105/206 – as above, but more complex glue-up (my go-to epoxy)
WS 105/207 – defects, knots, punky wood, spalting, bent lams, etc
WS 105/209 – very complex glueups
UltraCat PPR – bent lams, veneering where spring back and/or creep is an issue, complex veneer job, etc
BetterBond – general veneering where spring back is not an issue, tight grained veneer, etc
Unibond – veneering and bent lams where any movement is an issue and/or H2O will Pringle the veneer, longer open time veneer jobs

TB Trim and Moldings - shop jigs, fast-grab, no runs

CA - small visible repairs

Everything else -- whatever PVA’s sitting around, typically TB-II Dark and/or Extend.


What I don't use:

Poly, TB-III, highly-toxic resin glues, glue-sticks

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