Platform Bed - my first major project.

Jeff Ellis

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The bed is based off Marc’s Guild project for the Dogon Bed. 


I had to make a few design changes for my personal preferences and limitation of tools.  One major design change was that Marc’s bed for his client was made out of bubinga and wenge.  Well, those species are not quite in my budget at this point in my life, so I went with red oak and walnut.  I also went for an accent strip of walnut in my foot board, in lieu of making it look like one solid slab of wood (like Marc did).  I really wish that I could have made it in the one solid slab look, but I bought rough lumber and I couldn’t quite get the grain to match up perfectly with the stock I had to give it that look.

Furthermore, his design included a split headboard with a 20-degree bevel.  Well, I attempted this, but after a couple failed attempts, I realized that I didn’t have the right tool (biscuit joiner vs. a Domino) to properly line up the bevel glue-up, so I went with a straight headboard.  When I took a step back and looked at the bed once it was set up in our bedroom, I thought, “man I really wish I executed that beveled headboard.


The final design change was in the side rails and hardware for the side rails.  The design called for a bolt on solution for hardware, since the rails were only three inches tall and those mortise bed rail fasteners you can buy at Rockler require about 5″ of height.  I really don’t like bolt-on fasteners, after too many moves of taking beds apart.  So, I opted to take the opportunity to change the side rail structure.  While it still has substantial width, I added a couple inches of height to get a different type of fastener on there…no more wrestling with wrenches in tight spaces.


I am so pleased with how this came out.  It is my first major project, and I think it is easily my best executed project.  Have a looksie:








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If the dog likes it there's no way I can find fault with it.


It looks just right for the space it occupies.  A beveled headboard would've made it stand further away from the wall and take up more space at the foot of the bed.  I also like the wood choice.  Walnut has always been a favorite of mine.

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