Sharpening turning tools with a water stone?


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I'm hoping to get into turning soon. Everyone seems to use a grinder to sharpen their turning tools. Is that just a convenience thing, or is there something about turning tools I don't know about?  :unsure:


I use a water stone for knives and chisels, and it seems to work ok for me. I assume I could use it to sharpen turning tools also? I plan to start out with a set of Harbor Freight's nicer set of 8 tools for $80.

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I think you basically need a grinder, particularly for HSS tools.  That said, I end up using stones (water and diamond) more often than I actually use the grinder.  I will hone just a little virtually every time at the lathe, but really only see a need to grind occasionally.


Also note that you need the same grinder (though often a different wheel) to actually get the cutting angle you want on the tools, as shipped they are seldom what you really need in use.

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Uggg can't imagen sharpening by hand when you turn you use so much force and wear on the blade that you wear out you edge in 10-30 min only time I use a stone is when I have a odd shaped blade that won't fit on grinder. I used a cheap grinder for years and a home made sharpening jig. Finally I got a slow speed grinder with perfect balance and now I can sharpen with no problems and half the time I don't need the jig it runs so smoth. That grinder was the best thing I bought since the lathe.

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Turners have a different relationship with sharpening. A turning tool sees more wood in ten seconds than a saw, chisel, plane iron, etc. may see in an entire hour. Turners sharpen constantly, and so a grinder is appealing for the speed, especially once you get comfortable sharpening freehand. Doesn't have to be pretty, just grind and go. You'll be back to resharpen soon enough.

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