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I was reading through Loogie's marking gauge thread, and it dawned om me that we don't have a shop made tools thread. Several of the forums I read have massive on going threads of this type. Since we don't have one I thought I would start one, the only requirement, is it's got to be a tool you made.

I'll start off with three of my favorites.

A custom 1/4 sheet sanding block out of hard maple.


A hard maple chisel mallet


A small circle jig for the router


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I think that this is a great idea for a thread.

Nice tools there Dan.

Here are a couple of mine, nothing fancy, but they work. A sanding block with 80 grit made from a piece of 2x4 and a closet rod in the style of a hand plane and a dovetail marking guage from pine scrap. These are for function, not style.

The dead blow hammer my Dad made for me. I think that it was from WOOD magazine. It is maple and roasted maple.



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I sux at the pictures.

Deadblow Mallet - from Shopnotes, I think - using a couple leather-bedded, big-ass saltwater fishing weights instead of shot

Cutting Gauge - a la Matt Kenney at FWW *

Router Trammel/Circle dealy - from the poster above

* - This is easy to make and sweet. If you have the means, I highly recommend making one. :P

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