cutting board thickness...glue or not to glue?

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I have recently made some cutting boards (previous posts) and now have been asked to make some more, my problem is the walnut I purchased is 1" thick and once I mill it down, I'm getting about 7/8. I did a trial board and I had to use allot more cut pieces to get an average size board, so I was going to glue two boards together to get my preferred 1 5/8 doing that recommendable especially where these are end grain boards? Has anyone tried this and what was the result?

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I'm a bit confused here. The thickness of your starting stock has nothing to do with your end board thickness on end grain boards.

After gluing and flattening your board blank, set your rip fence our stop block on your sled to 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 depending on how much surface you will remove when flattening.

A longer finished board will require a longer blank if using 1" stock. Since you are going to be face gluing your cut offs together in the last step, laminating boards in the beginning does not gain you anything

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If it is an end grain board it should not matter how thick your stock is. The thickness of the walnut, once turned on end, does not dictate the thickness of the board. The thickness of the board is based on how wide your rip cuts are.

Sorry to rehash. Didn't see your explanation

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Thanks for the comments, yes I agree after I wrote it and realized what I was saying didn't come out the way I wanted it to. When I put my re sawed pieces together (end grain up) it came up short, I did not allow (due to the smaller thickness) more pieces instead of the usual 11-12 pieces, I now need about 16 to make the same size board. So I kind of answered my own question, but you comments were noted and appreciated.

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