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went to the Atlanta Woodworking Show Friday and Saturday. It's grown a bit since last year. The new owner, Brice, really seems to want it to get better. It was pretty packed. There's still more to do to get it top notch, but a marked improvement over a couple of years ago. Did anyone else here go? What did you think?

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I went Friday and Saturday as well. I was surprised at the number of people there. I haven't been to one of these since it was held at the convention center near the airport and while this seemed like a decent show it doesn't seem like it was like I remember it being back then. I was wondering why Rockler and Woodcraft don't have a booth at this show.

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Yeah, I remember the ones by the airport. Huge. Hopefully they'll keep growing and maybe return to their former glory. I don't remember Rockler or Woodcraft being at the show for years. Were they at the older shows by the airport?

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I was checking out their website a couple of weeks back and the vendors at each show across the country is all over the board.  Atlanta by far had the most listed vendors and Sacramento, CA (the one closest to me) the least by almost half.  Rockler is supposed to be there but nothing about woodcraft.  Also some other big names aren't listed at Sacramento, like Bessy, Timber Wolf, Clear Vue.

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Wdwerkr I looked around for you but didn't see you. Figured you had a big project on deadline - maybe another library staircase which was amazing.

I've never seen Woodcraft or Rockler at the shows I've gone to over the last few years. But I was pleased to see the increased number of vendors overall and bigger crowds.

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