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I would like to use a paper pattern for a project I have that requires multiple pieces, is there a spray adhesive out there that anyone has used that is not so strong that I could re-use the paper pattern multiple times without tearing it to shreads trying to get it off? Thanks for the help

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What about using the paper pattern on a thin piece of wood, then using the wood as the template moving forward, then you wouldn't have to worry about needing a new paper pattern for each piece.

   Excellent response!

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a couple of great ideas, should have thought of the 1/4" hardboard with double stick tape, not enough coffee today I guess, thanks for the help, I knew this was the place to come


Spray adhesive on 1/4" (or thicker) ply for your template.  I use 1/2" if it's not too curvy and doesn't require the scroll saw.


Depending on the complexity of the pattern, (and potential pucker factor),  there's always the option of doing it once, and using a flush trim bit on the RT to replicate the rest, either with the template or the first completed work piece.  1/2" template always feels a bit safer on that bearing, and the ply holds up better than hardboard, and doesn't get the fuzzys on the edges when working out the bumps.

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