Hand cranked drill press

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Post drills are the greatest! For metalworking, they are unbeatable, as you can put an insane amount of pressure on the bit and drill at almost 0 RPM, allowing you to bore through hardened steel if you need to. Most of the hand crank ones like that also had a wheel on the other side that you can feed a belt onto to power it. Neat stuff!

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I don't think post drills made it to this side of the pond i certainly haven't seen any.


Instead we have these, this is my brads No 5.




I am on the look out for one of these though i doubt i will ever find one.



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It's a Buffalo Forge #146.  The beast is heavy, but seems to be in 100% working order.  Someone already added a modern chuck too.


Oh, it's location has changed from Baltimore, it's now a bit further south in my shop.  Since it was posted here and NOT already bought, I figured it was fair game.   :)


A little cleaning, fresh paint, and mounting and it'll be right as rain.  Woot!



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