Build A Motorized Camera Dolly!!!

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In this video, Andy Glass with Glass Impressions will take you step by step to building a motorized camera dolly. I wanted to build a camera dolly that would give me the ability to shoot panning shots in the workshop. The same shots kept showing up at the table saw, jointer, and planer. I needed something to change it up! I thought this different camera shot would add a lot of variety to my shots. 







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Material Sourcing:
Manufactured DC motor Speed Controller:
60 RPM 12v DC High Torque Motor:
12v Power Supply (must cut off the end and strip the wires):
Skateboard wheels:
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That is pretty coo, for the 2.0 version add a wheel to the far end and a couple double throw limit switches  and make it go both ways, er I mean reversible. you'll have to excuse the old version of sketch up

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My grandson has something similar that does a good job. Its a purpose made camera skate made out of aluminum. He has an articulating arm that he can mount for different angles. The skate gets pushed around by this little battery powered push cart with speed settings, forward and reverse. For running it on a table he has a little ramp he sets at the far end of the table that the drive tires hi center on and stop pushing the camera.

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Frank Howarth built his with pvc pipe and, inline skate wheels he has a gravity motor on his. It must take a lot of patience to video document a project, when I built my shop I was going to document the whole build by taking pictures and, keeping a journal that lasted about an entire day. I take my hat off to you sir, keep it going.

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