Battery Storage/Dispenser Unit (VIDEO)

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Video can be found here:
Storing batteries can be very dangerous, especially 9 volts. 9 volts are particularly dangerous because they have both the + and - terminals right next to each other. This can cause these batteries to easily contact something conductive and heat up extremely fast. This extreme heat has been known to cause a fire and do some serious damage. I built the storage unit to not only help in the safety factor, but also to make it easier to know your battery inventory and ease of finding the right battery I need.
If you liked this project, I do have plans available on my website. See below!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave them here, on YouTube, or even use the contact me page on my website.
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Nice unit!...but DANG....that's a lot of batteries!!! You're ready for Christmas....but now that I think about kids are forever saying you have any double A's??? Not a bad idea.


One side year, I deer hunted all season with a 3 cell mag lite.  ALL SEASON, I used 3 rechargeable batteries and 3 Duracell D size batteries.  The D sized Duracells recharged fine just like the others and lasted just like they were new.  Now....Duracell probably doesn't want you to do/know that but it worked for me. AA and AAA didn't recharge so well. I'm sure I tried to recharge the 9 volt but I just don't remember.

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I made a battery storage unit very similar to that but, much smaller. It holds AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt and is free standing so I can put it on a shelf in the shop or move it to the house around Christmas time. Very handy for knowing where the batteries are and how many you have of each size.





Nov 2010



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