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First of all let's agree on how the gouges are measured. A gouge can be measured across the flutes or as the diameter of the bar. Spindle gouges are typically measured as the diameter of the bar and bowl gouges across the flutes.


That being said, I find that I use my 3/8 (1/2" diameter bar) with a swept back grind most frequently.

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all are useful for there different size's if you making smaller turning the 3/8 is ideal to save time on a larger turning 5/8 are great but i say you go down the middle road that's what i did and bought a 1/2 still using it years later since most of what i turn is middle to small bowls and boxes. 

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Thank you both I'm not looking to turn anything big right now just getting the feel for this. Turning is so much fun and I want to do more just not real advanced on all the possibilities that turning can produce. And thank you Mike for explaining the measurements and how they are measured. I can't wait to get back out and start turning again!

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