Transporting a Radial Arm Saw


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Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect a Radial Arm Saw during transport? I'm a bit worried about the "arm" portion flexing with bumps in the road. Not to mention the locking mechanisms for the adjustments. It's going to be about a 2 hour journy on the highway.


Thanks for your suggestions!

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What Shaffer said.  Radial Arm saws need to be re-adjusted during their use over time anyway, its just a fact of life.  So even if it is dialed in "dead on" when you load it chances are you will have to re-adjust it when you get it to is final resting spot.

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I have moved a 1954 DeWalt.  Remove the blade and lower the head to the table.  If it doesn't go all the way down, block it to it's lowest point.  If your legs of your table are removable, I would recommend removing them also.

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I agree with Tim, take the blade off ! You have to learn how to adjust the arm and head sooner or later so you might as well go through it when you set it up in its new home.

Be careful !

It's a useful tool but can be dangerous if mishandled. The blade is climb cutting as you pull it through the cut so you almost have to hold it back to feed at a safe speed.

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