Help Please with Adjoining Long Grain Surfaces

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Hello WoodTalk Community,


I am creating feet for a Cheval Mirror that I'm making. The feet must support 38" legs that are adjoined to the top part of the foot using double mortice and tenon. My question is, how would you recommend I adjoin the upper portion with the mortices to the lower part of the foot. The upper part will experience torque in every direction as the mirror is tilted and moved, and I want that force to be positively transferred to the lower foot. Since I am not an experienced woodworker, I don't know if glue only would suffice. 

Please note I do not have a Festool Domnio and have no plans to purchase one. Additionally, I would rather not use dowels. What I would like to do is cut a joint for these two long-grain surfaces. I don't know what would be ideal considering wood movement in these relatively thick pieces. 


I am grateful for any assistance you may offer. Thanks in advance.





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I think glue only will be fine.  Long grain glue joints are very strong.  Your wood movement will mostly be across the grain (or up and down on those feet) so the movement will not stress the glue joing much.   I'd use a water resistant glue, like Titebond 3.  I am assuming Bermuda is humid and for joints close the floor there is more risk of moisture.  

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No Domino, no could route the mortises with your router and make your own loose tenons.  But I agree with the guys...glue alone will be fine.  Stronger than the wood itself if it's done right.

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If you want to reinforce the glue joint the easy way, you can counter bore screws from the bottom of the bottom piece. One inch depth hole with 1/4'' fortsner bit, then pre drill and drive a 3'' long screws to the upper piece. Finally you can make plugs to hide the holes if you want.

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Thank you drzaius, Mike, Eric & Daniel for your advice. I will follow the advice of glued long grain. The mortises are incomplete, as they will extend almost completely through the upper foot. And Mike, yes it is quite humid here. I'll use Titebond 2 since I've read 3 can leave a black line. 


Thanks again

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