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I just started working and getting to know sketchup.

I was watching one of Marc's videos (posted a link below). It was the gadget station video one. On this video he shows a model view of the project. In this project the legs have two curves. I cannot figue out how to make this work. Using the push pull tool is not possible, at least not that i know of. The rules I watch in some videos will not allow it. I have put an email into him asking but wondering if anyone else could point me in the right direction.

If someone could explain how this was done that would be greatly appreciated!!!

Image is at 11:00 min mark.


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As you stated, this cannot be done with the push/pull tool in one pass.

there are 2 ways to go about doing this.

1. Draw the leg without the curves. then draw the inverted object of the curve, and use that twice to intersect with the leg part, and remove the unneeded parts - a bit long and and involves several manual steps - but in some cases (not this one though) this would be the only option.

2. Using the follow-me tool. similar to using the push/pull tool - you draw the rectangular leg, then you draw the curved shape on 1 side. Then using the follow-me tool, you select the top edges that would indicate on which faces the curves would be "cut out" and voila, your leg is shaped up.

I would recommend researching some on using the follow-me tool. and if you have any follow up questions, those should be easy to answer.

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That was confusing to me.

Inverted object of the curve? Delete or subtract this inverted object? From the piece?

I guess a more detailed step by step would be greatly appreciated.

I am just so confused on all of this and the terminology is all still new to me.

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1. Draw out the leg.

2. draw shape/arc on side of leg

3. select follow-me tool

4. click on the drawn face, on the part that you want pushed/cut out. this will select the shape to be taken off the leg

5. hover with the mouse on the edge (think end grain) of the leg part, you'll get a visual representation of the faces/sides that the shape will be taken off of. move the mouse around the edge of the end-grain area until the 2 edges you want to be shaped out are selected. and click with the mouse.

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The solution that PurpleLev gave you is a good one, but there are always many ways to do the same thing. You may also want to try using the CTRL (option key on a Mac) when you are pushing the second face. This will toggle a mode that creates a new face and will allow you to push through the first arc you made. It's hard to desribe, but give it a try and watch what happens. You may have to select all and intersect to get all the faces and lines fully connected. Then you can just use the eraser tool to remove the stuff you don't want.

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