Dust collection separator questions?


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So what is the down side to having a separator for my dust collector? I know it might cut the suction some but how much suction will I loose? Also I have a smaller 1hp dust collector that I thought to convert into the separator. Can i use the central piece of metal that my two bags attach too and make a thien seperator over a garbage can?

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Duck, from what I read, 1 hp is a bit small. If your are meticulous about sealing everything, and you stick with the proper hose diameter, a system like that should still be ok for single tool use. I wouldn't try to pipe it to multiple tools, because even with good blast gates there will be losses, and you don't have any to spare.

As for making a thein top hat on a garbage can, I plan to try that myself one day, just haven't done it yet. I think a baffle is still needed, even using the piece that currently holds the bags.

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If you're using a cloth bag filter consider upgrading to a canister filter at the same time you do your separator. The canister filter will increase your airflow, which should negate some or all of the airflow loss from the separator. Plus, it'll do a much better job catching the fine dust.

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I built a thien baffle and put it in a 55 gallon drum that is completely separate from my dust collector. I am really happy with the way it works, I think I have emptied the drum about 4 times and there is may an inch of dust in the bag on the dust collector. I found out the first time I turned on my dust collector it pulls the top of the thien baffle tight to the drum and seals perfectly, no need for a gasket.

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