10" table saw.... can you put a smaller blade in it?

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Yes, you can put a smaller blade on it. You'll get more power, but less depth of cut.

Dado stacks should be smaller than normal blades, because they need more power. People usually put 8" and sometimes 6" dado stacks on a 10" saw.

If you use a saw stop, then the brake module must match the diameter of the saw blade.

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i found a 8 1/2 blade i just love from dewalt. it was something i bought for my shopsmith which takes 8 inch blade. works just fine its a thin kerf and since i dont have a band saw i resaw with it. id say get an 8ish blade, six you might end up finding is to short for maximum height.

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What would you recommend, a 6" or 8" on a low HP 10" table saw?

7 1/4"

This is the size for standard circular saw blades used in construction framing. They're dirt cheap, available everywhere, and you can find thinner kerfs than you'd have with a full size blade. I use them all the time for everything from shaving off thin inlays (where thin kerfs are a very good thing) to ripping huge chunks (where the extra torque is welcome).

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