High vibration in my table saw

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I have purchased a Ryobi BT3100-1 table saw used. It didn't come with a blade so I purchased a brand new blade. Put the blade in according to the manuals instructions. When I turn on the saw the blade has a 1/16" left/right movement from the rotation. Is this movement caused by the blade being out of balance? The arbor slightly bent?

Any information on this could help and any recommendations would be great!

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With the saw unplugged...get a pencil and hold it next to one side of the blade and rotate the blade while moving the pencil slowly toward the blade, and mark which side of the blade is furthest to one side. Then, loosen the nut that holds the blade and rotate the blade 180 degrees on the arbor. Repeat the process. If the result from the second attempt points to the same spot on the blade, then the blade is warped. If it is on the opposite side, then the problem is with the arbor.

It's possible that this test would not show a problem at low speeds, which would point to a balance issue, rather than an alignment issue. I'd be a little surprised, but it's possible.

I did a quick search in the net, and it looks like the motor parts are not too hard to get for this saw. If the arbor were bent or the bearings are shot, it looks like you might be able to fix it without buying the whole motor.

Since this is used, it might be a good idea to check all the bolts underneath to make sure they're all present and snug.

I'm curious to see your results.

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You could try another blade, but I would suspect the blade isn't the cause (I've never seen a blade that distorted, though I do buy good blades). I would first take off the blade and have a look at the arbor flange, where the blade rests against. Check that it is clean, with no gunk built up on it. You can use a dial indicator positioned against the arbor flange as you rotate it by hand to check for runout. There should be less than 0.005" between the highest and lowest point.

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