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About a week back I posted a few pictures of some new goodies that arrived.  I thought I would post some follow up pictures now that everything is assembled and operational.  I went with Incra's leg set up and dust collection chute because I wanted to get the router table up and running as soon as I could.  I did make a "down and dirty" in-closer with a few drawers and what not.  The back shows some duct work squirreled to gather out of pieces left from other tools.  Mounted a plug of sorts on the upper right corner to hold the smaller hose when when I am not using that part of the fence.




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Beautiful shop project.  Does the table have both in fence and box collection?  I'd like to see how you ducted it if you get a minute.  I've got air in the fence but need to add it to the box.

Here are some photos of the dust system.  The box I purchased from Incra. The stuff on the back is squirreled together from parts left from other duct work.  I mounted the red plug in the upper right corner to "plug the small hose when I am not using that part of the fence. Third pic shows it stored.  Also if you can see the inserts have extra slots in them to help with dust collection.  These are the Mag lock rings that work on the Incra Master lift or the Jessum I would think because the Master Lift is made by them.





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Nice job Chet. I'm wanting to do this with mine as well. Did you just slide a face frame into the front channels where the doors and drawers are?

Thanks Tom,

Yea TS, I used the channels all the way around.  A different thought process building that way but it came out decent enough.

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