Install/re-installing bunk bed rails

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What is the best option to attach wooden pieces and be able to take them apart to put back together? I am designing and building bunk beds for the boys. The head and foot boards will each be one full piece with the rails that hold the bed the pieces you can take off and put on to move. I need them to be portable but safe, we move every few years. Would I use large long hex wood screws or would I need to install some sort of heli coil or something like it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Where in Germany? You can look up a lot of hardware styles at Rockler and see if they will ship Army Post. If not, Someone local like an OBI box store may be able to order for you. OBI is in Hamburg and a few other places. I stopped in similar near Kaiserslautern but don't remember what it was called. Terry is in the UK and speaks of Rutland. That also may be an option.  

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Those work great attaching something relatively small in depth. They don't resist racking forces by design very well. They are not typically made for bolts of hefty size. 

Compare that to these.

The "nut" end is round to properly seat against a drilled round recess and is threaded for a bolt. These are doubled on the rails in my kids room. Two at the end of every rail makes them solid. The downside mentioned is the need for a decorative cover for the bolt head. 

This is the style I grew up around.

They work well but would likely take a bit more time and draw on a wider skill set. I think Eric recently installed some. Try checking the build journals from sixth months ago or so. 

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