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I had cut all my boards for a project that I was completing. The project required me to make a 3/8" rabbit on most of the boards...

Before I started I made sure my fence would produce a 3/8 in cut and the depth of the bit was set to 3/8".

I completed first board, then on the second I noticed my results were not consistant with my first board... the depth of the cut was increasing...

what would cause this? Did i not have the bit in there tight enough? The depth adjustment tight enough?

Any advice would help!

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I would have to agree about the slipping bit, if you are sure the bit was tight you might want to clean the collet. I have never had a problem with this and honsetly not really sure how it would happen but I have heard of others dealing with it, ifthere is residue inside the collet the bit will slide. I have had to replace the collet on my PC before because it just didn't grip like it used too. Hope this helps,


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I concur that this was probably not the router itself moving up but the bit slipping. Make sure when you seat the bit it doesn't bottom out but that you pull it back up 1/16 to an 1/8 of an inch so the collet can get its full gripping power on it.

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