Baby Crib - to build or buy?


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On 1/16/2017 at 8:59 PM, MNJackrabbit said:

bleedinblue - You are very talented! You built a gorgeous crib! Would you mind sharing the plans or location where you got them from?

Thank you.  I don't consider it talent so much in this case, as the ability to follow printed directions.  I bought them from Rockler but it appears they don't have them anymore.  I found the plans for sale here though.

On 1/16/2017 at 9:25 PM, wdwerker said:

Just saw this resurrected thread. Beautiful work blue ! Signed and dated it ? Looks like a family heirloom to me. 

Thanks Steve!  I actually didn't sign it, I finished it before I found this site and knew that was a thing.  I tried to think of something charming to write on it and couldn't come up with anything, so I went without.  This piece is definitely my best work.

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At the time we didn't have a baby name figured out ;)  The finish is easy, semi gloss ARS as usual.  Even switching the configuration is quite simple, it's just a few bolts.

I do wish I'd have wrote something on it though.  I haven't applied finish to the toddler or bed rails, so I can write on those before I do.  It should have gone on the headboard though, that's the one constant for each configuration.

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Me and wife are expecting in early December and I have decided to build the crib. I have found the crib I want to build but I can't find any plans for it. I was wondering if anyone on here might know where to find them or if it's a lost cause to keep looking. I'm almost certain I can get close to the same crib with no plans but everybody knows plans make stuff easier. 

Thanks in advance.


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Where did you find the picture? Unless it was from a site that sells the plans, chances are very low that you would find plans for that exact crib. It looks like the pictured crib has a drop side, which are now illegal to manufacture, sell, or donate in the United States, Canada, and some other countries.

This thread is quite old, but it does have some good info on safety concerns when building a crib, as well as a few links and references to available crib plans. If you haven't already, go back and read the prior posts.

Crib mattresses are a standard size (mostly), so it would be fairly easy to either make your own plans around the mattress size, or purchase a set of crib plans and adjust the design to your liking. If you aren't confident in being able to generate plans from scratch that will be sturdy and safe, buy plans from a reputable company and change the (non-structural) aesthetics of it.

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Once our kids were done with the cribs, toddler beds and car seats, I threw them in the trash.  As other posters have said,  too many recalls, safety and liability concerns.  No thanks.  Not worth it.  Take your time and create a really nice chest of drawers.  Your child can take that with them to college and enjoy it for a lifetime.

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From a father with 2 kids...  Anything you buy or build for a baby will be used for at most maybe 2 years, but more likely six months.

Start thinking about when the kid turns 3... you'll need a bed, and a dresser, and a night stand next to the bed.

But the dresser is useful now... and even the nightstand because you can set that next to the rocking chair you'll have in the room for the first year.

And the best changing table is the floor... just get a waterproof pad and you're set.   Actually get 2-3 waterproof pads, it won't take long to understand why.

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