Wrapping a hardwood panel in hardwood


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I was watching a Doucette and Wolfe video where they wrap the solid wood top of this chest with a mitered hardwood frame.  I was wondering how they deal with wood movement doing that.  I always understood that wrapping a hardwood panel in hardwood was a no no and would subject that panel to split.  Even though they only wrap three sides, I would think that the glued on frame could still cause the panel to split.  Is there something I don't understand here?



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The solid top is almost always run with grain along the front of the piece. In this orientation the majority of movement is from front to back and not side to side. With the back open, risk is not eliminated but is minimized. 

Watched it again. The bottom is no less wrapped than the top. The front is shown in clamps being glued. I would suspect the sides use less glue and maybe some trim nails to allow them to wiggle a touch. 

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Great video! I don't usually read YouTube comment for obvious reasons, but that issue was raised by one viewer. Their response:

"We only glue the first few inches of the molding on the side allowing the case sides to expand and contract. We allow for wood movement on all of the pieces we make. Thanks!"

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There is what is said...and what is not. "Only glued the first few inches" leaves a lot unsaid. For a reproduction, I would think pin nails of a cut variety would be included. For a piece with less riding on it, I might screw the back from the inside of the case with an elongated hole. Just thoughts as I am an over thinker by nature. 

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