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I'd rather spend $20 to socialize here than to be paid to use Facebook.

I suggest a VIP membership -> $30/yr, and we get to ban Eric.

We are hosting with IPB, primarily because I need someone else to do the server maintenance. We have our own dedicated servers for TWW so if I wanted to have the forum in a less expensive environment,

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I will support either way.    Maybe raffle off a guild project to one lucky supporter (assuming you get enough supporters to justify),  or you could enter supporters in one of your monthly giveaways.   It seems you are trying to decouple things and don't want to be subsidizing the forum, so I understand why you might not want to do that.   but it would help and overall does build your brand.    

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Don't want to sound all lachrymose & sentimental here, but of all the forums I lurk in and participate in, this one is a particular jewel. Both in its content and the (semi) civilized behavior of its members. Worth keeping vibrant & financially healthy.


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I'm in. Don't mind the adds since they're what I was looking at anyway. Let me know when I can subscribe and I will.

One idea if I could be a little selfish is just unleashing one guild build a year but not to affect the guild build program have it expire each year or time set by Marc.

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Even though times are tough at the moment, I enjoy the forum and will do what I can to support it. $20 is a reasonable price in my opinion.  Maybe the people that do contribute can come up with a couple of woodworking topics and every six months have a video demo or something to help with educating us.  I know this is more work for you Marc but could generate more subscribers which in turn will help the forum in the end.

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