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I'd rather spend $20 to socialize here than to be paid to use Facebook.

I suggest a VIP membership -> $30/yr, and we get to ban Eric.

We are hosting with IPB, primarily because I need someone else to do the server maintenance. We have our own dedicated servers for TWW so if I wanted to have the forum in a less expensive environment,

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This just isn't working for me. Step 1 My Info is no problem. When get to Step 2 Confirm & Pay there is no place to enter my credit card info. 

Is this just me? I'm usually pretty good at spending money...;)

Oops...never mind. I went back and read the thread more carefully, and there was the solution.

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What part of the process failed?

I selected Paypal, then the form changed from listing the credit cards to a button that said something like Pay now or Connect to Paypal or some such thing, I clicked that button and then I got an error page (still part of woodtalkonline site) that said something about it failing and told me to select a different payment method.  I tried to replicate the scenario now but since I've already purchased it, I wasn't allowed to add it to the cart.  Otherwise I could post a pic of the page.  But I definitely never got to the paypal site.

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