Palm routers. Thoughts?

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It's a Bosch blue so it will be good. It also has an edge guide which is a bonus. 

I have a Dewalt palm router that is actually marketed as a laminate trimmer. It is easy to use one handed. it's not a one trick pony but a very versatile tool.

They don't have a plunge mechanism but do have a screw that sets the depth of the router.

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I have a pair of those Colts that I keep a chamfer and roundover bit in permanently.  They're okay.  I find the depth adjustment a bit fiddly but they work fine once it's locked in.  I wouldn't recommend these routers for an everyday driver, but if you just want something compact for flush trimming or edge profiling...a complement to your main plunge router...yeah, they work.  These are convenience tools in my shop, not necessity tools.

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I've got a couple of these:

Like Eric, I keep them permanently armed with chamfer and round-over bits...

Due to lack of power and mass, I’m not sure compact routers would be much good beyond very light edge treatments and some inlay work...

They are so light that if you caught some funky grain, the cut could get away from you... Just a thought...


BTW: I've got the Woodhaven bases on them -- makes it a bit more stable for edge treatments:


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I have a box full of them from various manufacturers with dedicated bits, for instance round-overs from 1/8 through 5/16, and a few others.  I don't see much difference in any of them, but I don't change settings on them, so don't have a favorite for that.  For a while, Porter-Cable was giving one away when you bought a 690, so the herd grew then.

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I have that same Bosch router, a Dewalt and a  Festool MFK 700. The Festool is great for accuracy, ease of adjustment etc but they are. Expensive and the dust collection  isn't that great. 

Between the others the Dewalt is my current favorite. The older PC trim routers were great, haven't used one of the new ones.

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Like Steve, I've got the FT-700... I really don't put it in the same category as the other compact routers. The availability of specialized bases is what separates it from the pack --- and the price... and I've have conveniently forgotten that... :)


But if you are looking for a high-quality edger, look at the FT...

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