Fes-pug boom arm

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Looks good and probably works a lot better than using my shoulder. 

That's what I was doing it too, but I still felt a lot of strain on my wrist when sanding for a long sessions.

Nice job Pug..  Space saving ideas for smaller shops are always welcome!

And i saved 500 bucks!  Now I can spend that on a new festool!  Tracksaw is looking mighty good!

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I have seen a few versions of this idea and yours looks the neatest! My concern is the strain on the elbow. Time will tell but I am known for over engineering so I guess I should just shut up? Haha, love it and feel like the others...must add to my list!

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==>Definitely stealing this.

Wait a few weeks for Pug to get the kinks-out, then "borrow" it... :)



Good point - Pug, be sure to report back here with any issues and improvements :)  I'll be adding this to my shop after I finish my roubo, so you've got a few months at least.

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Very cool boom. I had made a wall mounted boom from scrap plywood years ago. It was great, but with a shop reorganization I had to give it up. I recently re-built it to fit on my CT 22. With the shop made sander rack which it attached to it, I think it's much better than the factory made option.

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