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I am planning to erect some paneling in my cellar. Currently, the 2 x 4 framing is exposed with insulation between. There are diagonal 1 x 2's throughout the cellar. They will get in the way of my [paneling. But I am reluctant to remove the 1 x 2's as I am concerned that they has a purpose that might involved something structural. 

The picture below is a section of the wall. Ignore the hanging tools. Note the diagonal 1 x 2. Can I remove these 1 x 2's that exist throughout my cellar?






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Assuming it has a header and a base plate, yes.  The paneling will serve the same purpose.

I also assume that this was put on as the wall was put up to help keep it square as they stood it up.  Once tied in with the other structure, it's no longer needed.  Whoever put it up just didn't see a need to take it down.

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