Machinist or machine shop experience.

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I picked up an item today I am looking for help identifying and trying to figure out what it's worth and who might have a need for it. I have a long standing habit, usually a profitable one :), of picking stuff. It's fun!! This huge and heavy piece of steel is 24"x36"x7/8". It has a 36" starrett rule inlaid in it. The top 1/4" or so appears to be a different material/layer. It's steel but it has a fine grooves running across it, not only the ones u see in the pic but very fine grooves that cover the whole surface. Searched online but couldn't find anything like it. The guy I got from pulled it out of a machine shop from an old factory, that is all I know about it. 54cc65726dcf6773c6b3925a128ed441.jpg63364a7428e09a9e39c0c5c9e50473eb.jpgcd975cca916cc42faffee8736f15db82.jpg This is what it was mounted on, only 1/2 ply and some machine screws holding it up! The ply kind of tore apart when we moved it. 4424ec55f435dcf0c538e7b1a4f055ea.jpg Would appreciate any help I could get, even if it is pointing me in the right direction. Josh.

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I agree, it is a layout table. Probably made in that machine shop to assist in some process they did frequently. The rule almost looks like it was pressed into the plate as it was rolled, but is likely fitted into a dovetail groove. Take a look a mtmwood on youtube, he uses a wooden table with similar markings to lay out end grain cutting board designs.

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