A small box build

Rapid Roger

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I'm not really very proud of this box but, I told Cliff that I was making it and would show some pictures of the build. The box is just for  shop use by my neighbor so beauty wasn't really a concern but strength was. 

I had a few headaches with this build and for such a small box it really drove me crazy at times. It is only 5-1/2" x 7-1/4" and 3-1/4" tall. It is just to hold a few (70) collets for his mini lathe.

His hobby is customizing and hot rodding "Hot Wheel Cars"!.... No, I'm not joking!!... And believe it or not, he makes some good money selling some really detailed cars (doors open and close)  to VERY serious collectors.

Now on with the build... To start with, I designed the box to use 3/8" wood and I didn't need enough to make it worth milling a bigger board so, I went to the big box store and all they had was some 1/2" thick "hobby" wood. So right away, I had a few dimensions to change.  Yes, I did cut one piece too short and yes, I did cut two pieces too long but, after getting that straightened out, I started my joinery...




My customer saw a small box that I had built recently with a dove tailed sliding lid and went nuts....YES! He had to have that on his box! .....No problem I can do that. :)




Yes, this is VERY big and clumsy looking for such a small box that does nothing but hold 70 lathe collets but, once the lid is closed, it's not so bad.?!? Is it ? :)




Oh, I forgot to show you the tray for the collets. Seventy holes 11/32" diameter and ....YES, this was my second try! :(  The first one ended up with two holes not quite in line with the other 68. Drill 70 holes with a 5/16" brad point bit, chase out  70 holes with a standard 11/32" bit and then clean up the edges of the holes with a de-burring reamer.... I think there were 70 of them and they all had two sides to clean up! :(






Rog :)



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