Inexpensive turners smock alternative!

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I've been doing a bunch of turning the last few months and I've kept thinking I really need to get a turners smock. But every time I looked for one they all seem to be around $50+. Then today I realized I'm an idiot, and I already own one. ACU jackets are practically the same thing, and make a great top to throw over whatever you are wearing for turning! Lightweight, a high Velcro collar, and even a cool little pocket for pencils and rulers! Best of all you can find them used on eBay for around $5-$10!!!

From a camo point of view most people that like camo think it sucks at hiding anything. So there is no secondary market for them. Consequently they go for practically nothing. A few years ago I bought a couple pairs of pants for like $25 to do yardwork and gardening in and they came with the matching tops. The tops have come in far more handy than I ever though they would. You can get them in black, tan, navy etc... if camo isn't your thing but you are back up into the $40-$50 range for those since they aren't military issue.


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