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Do you mean the tubes are breaking loose after gluing? If so, ca glue (and epoxies) will break loose with heat (i replace the hss bits in my hollowing tools like this), could you be generating too much heat in the tube? You could try slowing down, cleaning up the bit regularly and mayb a bit of beeswax, bladeglide, or something on it for friction. .. or even polishing the part that has to ride in the tube and doesnt cut to take it down a few thou and make er slippery. 

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You didn't say what wood you are using, but some tropical woods can be hard to glue due to oils in the wood. You might try dipping a cotton swab into mineral spirits and passing it through the hole a few times.  Some drill bits are slightly off than the marked size, so trying a different brand of drill bit could help. Also, I have better luck with 5  minute epoxy than CA glue. Hope that helps.

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