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My dad, who will be 80 in a couple months, recently bought a condo with a single car garage.  He's still active and enjoys doing things for himself so, he asked me to put together an "all purpose" bench that will fit in his garage with the car.  He has a chop saw and a contractor table saw that roll out of the way but, most of the major stuff is done in my shop.  This is purely for his honey do list projects..


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That should serve a honey do'er well.

good on you takin care of pops.

my dad always says that just to spite me, he's going to leave me all his tools.

 They are cheap home center tools collected over 50years that none have a match, hundreds of loose sockets in a bucket, not well taken care of in a cheap aluminum tool caddy box thing. It drives me NUTS so I bring my own tools when I have to fix something there.

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Well, I got it all put in for him today.  His wife called me today to tell me that he's not getting anything done around the house because he's too busy putting his tools away in their new home..:D  Makes my day!

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Great job Kev! Do the grinder and drill press go with it or just for photo op?

Part of it..  They're on quick disconnect knobs so, can be removed if he needs the bench space.  Also, the drill press has a center mounting location as well.

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