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Hey Everyone,

I wanted to see how many woodworders there were under the age of 30 on this site. This seems to be predominantly an older persons sport. How old are you. What type of Projects have you tackled and what would you say your favorite one was? Im just curious and looking for other woodworkers out there I can relate to.

By the Way I'm 25 from Bolivar Mo. I build furniture as a hobby. I love it and wish it were my full time profession, maybe it will be someday :). My most recent project was a pair of end tables for my wife. That is the type of thing I usually build but would love to tackle a guitar.

Hope to hear from alot of people!!!!

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Well Flair, you got me beat. And WoodWhisperer (unless you prefer I call you Marc), how do you like that dry as a bone wood in AZ? I used to live in Maricopa, AZ off of John Wayne Parkway and Honeycutt. Then right off of Baseline and the 10 in Tempe, AZ for a while. Seemed like all the wood I found was bone dry. Which I actually enjoyed whittling. And I also came across a TON of old trucks out there in Maricopa that had so little rust on them that people in the Midwest would kill to have them! Too bad nobody was ever home when I knocked on the door of the guys house that had about five 1940's GM's sitting under a carport just praying to be restored. In fact, I'm willing to bet that they are still there!

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I'm 23, living in La Crosse, Wisconsin. My first project was just over a year ago. It was a mission style oak coffee table. Since then I have made a matching end table, TV stand, dining table, and night stand, to name a few. I mostly woodwork on weekends, but if I have time, I will also spend some time in the shop in the evenings after work.

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Well, I guess I get to say I'm one of the youngest at 21, from Southeast Michigan. I've been woodworking since I finished high school as a hobby, which there isn't a whole lot of time for when you're a full time college student :D. I have made a couple end grain cutting boards, thank you Marc, and some tables and book shelves. I feel very fortunate to have established a pretty full shop along with some amazing hand tools. This craft is definitely one that will be a life long passion, and hopefully will supplement or provide my income one day.

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