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I don't always scratch my ass, but when I do... wait... I do always scratch my ass. 

You are aware...there's no rule that says you have to glue up every box you make in your entire life all at exactly the same time...? Titebond takes about a half hour to set enough so you can take mos

You mean extended scratching time?

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You told her? Why would one do such a thing? 

Every few weeks my wife just walks into the garage stands there for a while looking around then curses and leaves. 

LOL. She asked to know if I had done all of my own Christmas shopping or not. Normally she's got no idea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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Thats weird, i saw them price drop them at about 11:30 pm pst. Same as woodcraft prices, just didn't feel like waiting this year. Last year I didn't get them until Xmas week.



Went to add to my "shopping cart" from the search page and nothing showed up. Clicked to get to the individual product page and got a "product unavailable" message. Did not bother me much. Beaver said "in stock." I just found it weird so I kept checking back 

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Grabbed a few new clamps this morning and I'll definately say,  the ones I bought today at woodcraft are way way smoother than the half dozen I got last year fulfilled by beaver industrial.  

I don't know if they changed something with the tolerances or what but the last ones are still annoyingly tight.  The new ones feel like butta..

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't happy with the clamps I bought last year, and decided not to buy any this year. If these don't have the sliding problem last years did, I might pick some up.
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I wonder how many " look at my jet clamps" threads we can get going at 1 time. Right now there are 3.

when I saw the thread title "BOOM" and then read the post and it was just clamps it was probably the worst case of blue balls I've had since I was 16. 

(Mods, before you ban me for this one, take into account that it's the day after thanksgiving and I've had a few beers.)

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I was at my local WoodCraft yesterday morning along with over a dozen other eager beavers.  Last year I was one of only 3 the word must have gotten out locally :)  I only picked up 6 12" Jets and a new 1/4" 4tpi bandsaw blade.  They still had some when I checked out a couple hours later.  What I really need at some F styles to go on sale.

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First post from a long time lurker. For those of you in the Atlanta area that missed out on Jet clamps online, Woodcraft still has plenty of clamps in the store. They have had much lower traffic than they expected. I made this haul this afternoon. 6 - 12", 8 - 24", 8 - 31", and 4 - 40".


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I just heard from Rockler.  They are unable to honor my order for the clamps and are cancelling it.  I'm told that the stock of clamps they were expecting were never delivered--and apparently they are not able to honor the pricing when they do get clamps in stock.  

I gather that others were successful, particularly with in store purchases.  Congrats to them.

Me, I am really disappointed with Jet on this.  I am going to stop by Menards and look at the Jorgensons on sale.  


So I went to Menards and bought a dozen of the Jorgensen clamps that they have on sale (sale runs through Dec 6, 2015 and if out of stock they will give rain checks good for 90 days).  While maybe not as nice as the Jet (or Bessey) clamps they look to be a great clamp, the price is good, etc.  Moreover I come to find that it is a Chicago company that does most of its manufacturing in Chicago.  

So now I'm thinkin' this all worked out well.  In the end I got good clamps at a good price, and I've got the warm and fuzzy about supporting my local economy.  Then my phone rings.  It's Rockler.  There was some confusion last Friday.  They are able to honor the pricing from their online sales and would like to know if I would still like to receive the clamps at the Black Friday price.  After a brief right brain left brain tussle I said yes, and then they waived the shipping fee.  

I am really impressed with Rockler's customer service on this one.  First, technically I agreed to cancel the order so they could have just ignored this matter.  But from talking to the representative who called me it is clear they went to some trouble to investigate the cancellation, including listening to the recording of my earlier phone call, then having a live person call me.  

Of course I bought more Jorgensens than I could argue I really needed; now I have twice that many clamps.  I am going to have to come up with a project that needs a lot of clamps -- or maybe just put a lot of clamps on a project.  


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