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Trend Honing Guide (Customer Service)

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I purchased one of those Trend honing kits for my chisels and planes at WWIA.  I finally busted it out to do some damage on a new set of Narex chisels.  I was having a tough time keeping a square edge, I think the guide might be torqued a little.  After I finished the 1" I went to loosen the screw and the head stripped right off.  I was pretty discouraged but I kept going.  I used vice grips and got them all sharpened enough to shave my am hairs but they are not perfectly 90 degrees, maybe a fraction of a degree off judging by my machinist's square.  I suspect this is a bad honing guide on top of the screw head coming off.

This was all yesterday so when taking a break from setting the bevel on that 1" chisel I dropped Trend an email to their general US address.  Not two hours later I had an email back (this is on Sunday) from Dave McCormack asking for my address so he can send me a new one tomorrow (today) morning.  Now that's customer service.  None of that "you did it wrong" stuff.  

I liked the diamond plate (I leveled my Norton flattening stone while I was at it), the fluid was good, the setup guide was fool proof.  In general I liked the kit and James Barry sure made it look easy.  I'm hoping the replacement one will help me get that straighter, and of course not strip.  Kudos to Trend and Dave for their customer service. 

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