Planing Plywood???

Jose Prado

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It might dull them quicker than regular wood just based on the glue it is planing more than actual wood but it shouldn't damage them unless they have some sort of metal embedded.

My biggest issue with it is its going to splinter like crazy and the chance of stopping in a perfect spot where it has a solid layer of ply that looks some what decent is going to be extremely rare I guess if your going to paint it then it wouldn't be such an issue.

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I recently received a ton of walnut plywood - all 1" thick from disassembled library bookshelves.

I wonder if I'd damage my planer blades if I would run some "resawn" plywood through my planer.

what are anyone's thoughts/experiences on this?

A lot of times, plywood doesn't have even layers either - Very common on imported plywood. On some of the import stuff, I've seen layers that actually curve, and bend into other layers. Plus, most plywoods have very thin veneers on the outer faces, so you'll have a thin veneer on one side, and a tick on the other when you get done planing.

And don't forget, half the time you'll be planing across the grain too

Hope this helps

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