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I completed my first picture frame and then stained it... well i forgot to raise the grain and it was rough after drying... out of curiosity i used paper to sand the frame... it was quite well..

My question is what would the "grit" be on something like paper?


Is this recommended?

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Probably somewhere between 1500 and 4000 grit...that would be my guess :)

I would not use paper to de-wisker...I have heard of brown paper bag used to rub or wipe a lacquer or water-based finish to make things even smoother to the touch rubbing out.

If you de-wisker after a water-based stain or dye is applied you will be sanding some of the color off, going lighter.

But if it worked and got you out of trouble, well all the better. :):D;)


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I've used the brown paper bag trick after the first and successive coats of shellac with great results. But that was on a dish with an irregular shape. For a larger and more regular piece, I would probably sand with 400-1000 grit through the first few coats, then use the brown paper after the final coat. I find it a great substitute for 0000 steel wool or pads. Then wax afterwards if you think it needs it.

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If it works, I don't see any problem. Steel wool can cause rust problems if you use a water-based finish, but I can't foresee any such issues with paper. I've heard of brown paper, but never white paper. If it works, why not?

On a somewhat related note, at one place I worked, someone had used a black marker to label the boxes of toilet paper 80x and 120x.

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