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Hey y'all, I'm new to the forum/woodworking and would like some advice.

I'm planning on redoing my shop from its current state of Hodge podged storage/tool arrangement. I was planning on making 1 wall (+/- 19') a long bench with a recessed miter saw/planer area to allow the wood to be cut with out having to set up saw horses. I'm also thinking about adding uppers for additional storage.

In this bench Im planning on using the last 4'-5' as a roll out tablesaw station with some flip up outfeed tables.

What are some storage features that y'all enjoy in y'alls shops?

What should I avoid?

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^ all correct. 

As an add on,  I'd say store things you use often within reach of your working area.  Chisels don't belong on the wall on the other side of the shop from your bench.  Push stick go close to the table saw and so on.  Things you don't use often can go on top shelves,  bottom shelves or other non prime areas.

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I put a 21' long miter saw/router station in when I built my shop.  As far as I am concerned it's great.  But there are limitations.  When I am in the middle of a project I  tend to be slob, so 21' feet of flat surface can accumulate at lot of stuff.  It's a bad habit and I am working on it.  The only other con that I can think of, is that I can't do a fence system, like Incra has for the router table.  But I have never had need for something like that, so I don't miss it.  You can see my shop tour here., (I think I did that right.)

Good luck and welcome. Bob

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One thing I did was make it so that a the tops of few of my benchtop tools were in the same plane as the top of the cabinets.  In my case it was my pocket hole machine and ridgid OSS/belt sander.  

Also I used an Incra fence for the mitersaw and that leaves a foot or so of space behind the fence.  I put some of my hardware storage behind there and my table top Mortiser.  You have to reach a bit more to use the Mortiser but it was worth it for me for the added space.  



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