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So I'm at this auction last night and a friend gives me something that he won but doesn't need.

It's a chunk of Corian (brand) material, roughly 14" x 30" and 3/4" thick.  I'm thinking of routing some channels in it and turning it into a router table top.  Or I might cut it into multiple blocks to use for table tops.  Whether tool or end product it has me thinking.  (It's a faux white marble tone.)

But because it's still unmodified I'm open to ideas. What would you make with such an piece?

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2 hours ago, wtnhighlander said:

Jimy Diresta recently posted a video showing how he made an interesting lamp from Corian material...

If you need a router table, that's probably a good choice.

I have router table in mind as my first choice.  Right now I have 2, but one is your standard bench-top metal type.  (The other is a floor-standing table.)  I'm thinking of making a better bench-top unit.  There are times that portability is desirable, esp when space is limited


2 hours ago, wdwerker said:

It makes a nice extended windowsill to put plants in.  I have made specialty router bases out of it too. 

I did that this past Fall with some other material. Great idea.

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9 hours ago, Brendon_t said:

I would love to throw a big piece like that between my ts rails as an extension to the right.  It would also be nice as an outfeed/ assembly table since once the glue dries,  it would chip right off. 

+1.  Actually, I'm in the middle of that project right now.  72" extension rails for my Inca 2200, and out feed table.  Already have similar as my cabinet top/miter saw table.  


The 14" part may be a limitation.  Shooting board?  Bench hook?  Router table fence?  Anywhere you need something incredibly stable.

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5 minutes ago, collinb said:

Just curious -- has any one cut a T channel into this material, with what results?

You need to route groove and then drop prefab T track into it.  Corian is way too brittle to have any holding power from a T channel cut directly into it.  The second you put any pressure on the bolt in the track, it'll break.

I'm currently building a new miter station and using corian for the top.  I'm planning on putting rockler aluminum T track in routed grooves.

Corian is easy to cut and route.

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I had some left over from cut-outs of a house that we had built that had Corian counter tops. The pieces sat for years, this I needed perfectly flat fence replacements for my shaper fence -- the wood ones needed replacing. The Corian fit the bill, and have been on the shaper for years.

Still have some pieces left, and they are waiting for a good use. Mine will end up in something that needs to be flat and straight and won't be affected by moisture, and will take a lot of wear.

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