Wdwrker, and why he's the cats' pajamas


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7 hours ago, vinnyjojo said:

No that's not a grammatical error... He's the pajamas of multiple cats....... If you don't know Steve he's one of the mentors here on WTO.....a few weeks ago I 'turned' an ice cream scoop handle by chucking it up on a power drill and taking it to my sander and posted a project showcase pic on the site. I mentioned in passing on the post that I had so much fun I'd love to have a lathe... Unfortunately my days of 'buy whatever I want' are over since my wife stayed home to take care of the kids recently and we're down to one income...,,Literally the day I posted Steve called me and asked me if I wanted his Rockwell Delta lathe on loaner for a while. Not a benchtop mind you...not a mini lathe...but a 6 footer. f3d091f49f95eba67daac2b16af3fd6c.jpg

Oh yeah and also some turning tools545d3f04e288a758b0b8165f9ef6af05.jpg

And oh yeah...he gave me a router... And a detail sander... Oh....and about 1 million board feet of unsteamed Walnut. And 5000 pounds of cut off's... Which by the way...his cut offs are the size of my biggest pieces of lumber.... Did I mention the six-foot live edge 10/4 walnut slab? Yeah,that too.......... On the last podcast Marc read that story about Coop paying for the shipping to send that dude a planer (sorry can't remember the name of the guy with the planer emoji53.png). It was a testament however to the helpfulness and generosity of the folks on this forum and the community therein..... It was timely that I point out another great example of that generosity here at wood talk online....big ups to Wdwrker.

He's hard to beat as a mentor, and one of the most generous people you'll ever want to meet..  He's ugly as sin, but one hell of a guy!

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4 hours ago, wdwerker said:

New shop is smaller and I haven't turned much in recent years  so,the lathe was going to eat up valuable floor space. So why not let Vinny have some fun with it ? If I really need to turn something I will just do it at Vinny's shop.

Walnut was salvaged from a job. Some interior desecrater had painted it white because the room was too dark. The slab was a leftover from a job and I have quite a few better and bigger pieces.

I ended up moving far more medium sized scraps than I had storage space for. My grandfather would haunt me if I tossed it in the dumpster. I'd rather see it put to use.

And he's humble too ;)


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