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Hello everyone, 

I picked up a grizzly lathe a while back and absolutely love it.  I kind of wish I had gotten one that changed speed via a dial, but that is neither here nor there.  I want to turn some small legs for a monitor stand.  I saw Norm using this pretty nifty device on an old episode of this yankee workshop to copy the exact shape of his template and thereby making an exact copy of the legs.  

I did a search for a grizzly attachment, but couldn't find anything so I contacted grizzly support.  They couldn't supply me with any information on where I could find anything either. So at last I come to my fellow woodworkers for help.  Is there such a thing as a universal copy attachment for lathes?  I know I could just use my calipers and whatnot, but this seems faster and easier.


Here's the lathe I have for reference:




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This got me thinking... (Disclaimer: I'm not a Turner) Would it be possible to make a profile template (clamped at an appropriate height) of what you want your spindle/leg to look like and then use the hilt of your turners tool to reference off of the template? I realize this may require a few attempts with the template but perhaps you could use different profiled tools on different areas of the template to achieve the desired aesthetics.

Again not a turner but that's what I came up with in my head.

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18 hours ago, -MattK- said:

might not be exactly what you're looking for - depends on how sophisticated the legs are that you're trying to make... but check out what Matt Cremona did for the spindles on the crib he just made - fast forward to about minute 7.



using a router on a lathe?  my mind is blown.

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